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•    OMS, Statement on the fifteenth meeting of the IHR (2005) Emergency Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic (https://www.who.int/news/item/05-05-2023-statement-on-the-fifteenth-meeting-of-the-international-health-regulations-(2005)-emergency-committee-regarding-the-coronavirus-disease-(covid-19)-pandemic)
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•    SORVEGLIANZA COVID-19 - epiCentro.iss.it  
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•    Ministero della Salute - Aggiornamento Circolare “Interventi in atto per la gestione della circolazione del SARS-CoV-2 nella stagione invernale 2022-2023” (https://www.trovanorme.salute.gov.it/norme/renderNormsanPdf?anno=2023&codLeg=91260&parte=1%20&serie=null
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(COVID-19) Condition or Long COVID: A Meta-Analysis
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