Pfizer opens new factory in Strängnäs

Press release from Pfizer Health AB
Strängnäs, August 25, 2009

Today Sweden's Minister for Enterprise and Energy and Deputy Prime Minister, Maud Olofson, will open Pfizer's new facility for biotechnological pharmaceutical production in Strängnäs.  An investment of SEK 1.5 billion forms the foundation for this flexible and highly modern facility, which serves to strengthen Pfizer's capacity in the rapidly growing biotechnology sector.

"It is truly a pleasure to participate in the opening of Pfizer's new facility in Strängnäs. This new factory puts Sweden in a world class when it comes to biotechnological production," says Maud Olofson, Sweden's Minister for Enterprise and Energy and Deputy Prime Minister.

This new facility is Sweden's largest factory for commercial production of biotechnological pharmaceuticals and an underlying investment of SEK 1.5 million makes it one of Sweden's largest industrial investments. The new factory will handle Pfizer's global production of the growth hormone Genotropin, and also be used to produce Somavert. The flexible new facility will not only enable optimized production, but also the production of more biotechnological products.

"Pfizer's decision to invest in this facility in Strängnäs is based upon the competence and experience that are there. The infrastructure for biotechnology that exists in Sweden, and especially in Mälardalen, is also an advantage for us. We have a great deal of confidence in Swedish operations and Sweden will continue to play an important role in Pfizer's global production network," says Natale S. Ricciardi, President, Pfizer Global Manufacturing.

"We are proud of the investment in the Strängnäs factory, which confirms that the competence of its personnel and the quality of what has been produced for exactly 50 years are highly valued," says Simon Orchard, Managing Director of the Strängnäs site and CEO for Pfizer Health AB.

A few facts about Pfizer's new facility in Strängnäs:

  • Approx. 6000m2 flexible multi-product factory for biotechnological production of pharmaceuticals
  • The active substances for Genotropin and Somavert will be produced in this highly modern facility
  • The new factory will handle Pfizer's global production of the growth hormone Genotropin, and also be used to produce Somavert
  • The new factory will be connected to the existing facility, which will facilitate the flow of material as well as personnel
  • The facility will focus on the cultivation of E.coli for protein production
  • The facility will enable the rapid introduction of more products based on E.coli and yeast
  • The cost of the facility is estimated to be about SEK 1.5 billion
  • The new facility is expected to be operating commercially in 2011

Fragmin, a low molecular weight heparin that prevents thrombosis, will continue to be produced in the modernized older facility in Strängnäs. Both Genotropin and Fragmin are the result of Swedish research and development. The discovery and production of Genotropin and Fragmin marked the beginning of Sweden's prime as a leading nation in biomedicine.

For more information, please contact:
Petra Eurenius, Head of Communications, Pfizer AB, +46768-892955
Karin Eriksson, Information Manager, Pfizer Health AB, +46 768-750464
Simon Orchard, Strängnäs Site Manager and CEO Pfizer Health AB, +46 152-27719

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